The Windhover by Gerard Manley Hopkins

Thanks for the colour and the wing and the sweep and glide of it all….

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windhover2A little experimentation with oil pastels. My conclusion is that they are very messy. Windhover is another name for a kestrel, a type of small falcon. Gerard Manley Hopkins, a reclusive Jesuit priest, was wildly ahead of its time in terms of form, to the point that, when his poems were first published, three decades after his death, people could scarcely believe they had been written in the Victorian period. It has been suggested that Hopkins’s poetry, ostensibly written for the greater glory of God, in fact channeled a suppressed homoerotic yearning, and to be sure, rarely has a bird been the object of so ardent a gaze as in this stunning poem.

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Retired corporate monkey and speakeasy doorman. I done taught some and whittled some; I sought the divine with a divining rod and got my foot caught in a groundhog entrance - to prostrate self before the mammal gods and, finally, wept for my hawthorn tree and the escape lane opposite.
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