angela patel

i’ve just committed myself to reading someone’s blog on a regular basis – angela patel’s blog. air hunger – and through it to other fine writers like chloe caldwell and maggie estep.

i want to apologise here for writing in lower case ; i spilled coffee on the left hand side of my laptop and lost the function of the return button and several other letters .

i will try to remember to use this site  for scribbling what i feel i must. i forget that it is here as i’m so unused to caring about what i might have to contribute – but having read angela’s dictum about robin and depression and the loneliness therein that i must put my thoughts down if i can —



About stilesroad

Retired corporate monkey and speakeasy doorman. I done taught some and whittled some; I sought the divine with a divining rod and got my foot caught in a groundhog entrance - to prostrate self before the mammal gods and, finally, wept for my hawthorn tree and the escape lane opposite.
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