A stonecutter’s dream poem !!

Michael Hartnett died 1999

Adharaca Broic

A wounded otter

on a bare rock

a bolt in her side,

stroking her whiskers

stroking her webbed feet.

Her ancestors

that there was a river,

a crystal river,

a waterless bed.

They also said

there were trout there

fat as tree-trunks

and kingfishers

bright as blue spears –

men there without cinders

in their boots,

men without dogs

on leashes.

She did not notice

the world die

nor the sun expire.

She was already

swimming at ease.

in the magic crystal river.


About stilesroad

Retired corporate monkey and speakeasy doorman. I done taught some and whittled some; I sought the divine with a divining rod and got my foot caught in a groundhog entrance - to prostrate self before the mammal gods and, finally, wept for my hawthorn tree and the escape lane opposite.
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